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I Like Chiclets


Just seeing if it’ll work 🙂 If it does, this is a wonderful song. If it doesn’t… I don’t know what Ill do, but it’s still a great song 🙂 I love it because I love God and God loves me… and this song reflects that perfectly. ❤

Designing the book cover for Scarlett Salamone! Thanks to CreateSpace, NaNoWriMo participants get 5 free paperback copies of their completed novels! Thanks CreateSpace 🙂

Feel free to send me an email at! I’d love to answer any questions you might have! (but none that are too personal, please)


See ya later 🙂



Button Box~ A Compilation of Short Stories and Cute Stuff

This is an example of what would be in “The Button Box”. As stated in the title, this book would be a compilation of short stories and cute stuff, sort of like the paragraph below and cute pictures & illustrations. Maybe some quotes… not sure yet. I love writing short stuff like this. My dad laughed like crazy when he read it. 🙂 I have a dog  like the one in the picture. His name is Jackson Ophus…. don’t ask. But my dog is almost 4 and he’s kinda chubby nowadays and he sleeps more often than not. He’s still cute though 🙂

  Earlier this afternoon, I made myself some lunch. I decided that I wanted soup because it was somewhat nippy outside. I got to making Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup. Once I finished, I put the soup in a dish, got a spoon and a napkin, and went to my desk—I was busy writing an adventure novel. I sat down, said a prayer, then the doorbell rang. I went to see who it was, and, lo and behold, it was the mailman. I thanked him, opened a letter marked urgent, and promptly responded. Once I was through with that, I sat down and started to put the spoon full of soup into my mouth until I noticed that it had become chilled. So, I went to warm it up in the microwave… but I slipped over my own feet and the contents of my bowl splashed onto the freshly waxed floor. I started to angrily mumble complaints until I remembered… I don’t like mushroom soup.

The Questionable Forever

Alyssa Duke is a girl with terminal cancer. She’s a pessimist in the worst way. She met Riley at the hospital. Riley is an optimist. He encourages Alyssa to have hope. When Alyssa’s mother finds out about her daughter’s friendship with Riley, she becomes furious and forbids them to see each other. Once Charlie, Alyssa’s father, returns from the war, he allows Alyssa and Riley to be friends. Their friendship blossoms. Alyssa and Riley overcome some of life’s hardest troubles at such a young age, but they do it together. A twist at the end will leave readers in tears of joy.

Rose Marie

Rose Marie Mason is a teenage girl from Ohio going through some pretty tough stuff. Her best friend, Kaileigh Becca, just died. Rose goes through her days in a blur, but when she meets Tim Barnes… her life changes. Rose becomes a child of God. Her and Tim become best friends, and eventually even more than that. Rose’s life changes in the duration of this story.

Scarlett Salamone

“Scarlett Salamone, “Mimi”, is a 17 year old senior in high school. Her mother works more than full-time and her father is in-and-out of the picture, so that leaves Mimi to raise her 10 year old brother, Johnston. When Mimi reconnects and falls in love with her childhood best friend, Marcus Emerson, and her whole life turns upside down. But once Mimi overcomes her biggest fear, everything will change… but will it be for better? Or for worse?”

Scarlett Salamone is the title of my latest novel. It will be relatively short, but… not too short. It’s the one I’m writing for NaNoWriMo. Exciting stuff, eh? 🙂



Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself on this chilly November night. My name is Cassidy Marie Rizzo. I am a young Christian author who is in love with rainy weather.  I’m sitting in my bed and looking at my alarm clock; it says 11:40pm (I haven’t changed it yet- I’m such a procrastinator!). It’s daylight savings time now. I can’t believe it! Seems like it’s so late… but it’s really not. Can’t say much more  right now due to a time cramp, but just remember that I’m here! Well, best be off to bed. It’s National Novel Writing Month, so I’ll need to get right to work as soon as I wake up! Talk to you soon 🙂 ~Cassidy