Button Box~ A Compilation of Short Stories and Cute Stuff

This is an example of what would be in “The Button Box”. As stated in the title, this book would be a compilation of short stories and cute stuff, sort of like the paragraph below and cute pictures & illustrations. Maybe some quotes… not sure yet. I love writing short stuff like this. My dad laughed like crazy when he read it. 🙂 I have a dog  like the one in the picture. His name is Jackson Ophus…. don’t ask. But my dog is almost 4 and he’s kinda chubby nowadays and he sleeps more often than not. He’s still cute though 🙂

  Earlier this afternoon, I made myself some lunch. I decided that I wanted soup because it was somewhat nippy outside. I got to making Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup. Once I finished, I put the soup in a dish, got a spoon and a napkin, and went to my desk—I was busy writing an adventure novel. I sat down, said a prayer, then the doorbell rang. I went to see who it was, and, lo and behold, it was the mailman. I thanked him, opened a letter marked urgent, and promptly responded. Once I was through with that, I sat down and started to put the spoon full of soup into my mouth until I noticed that it had become chilled. So, I went to warm it up in the microwave… but I slipped over my own feet and the contents of my bowl splashed onto the freshly waxed floor. I started to angrily mumble complaints until I remembered… I don’t like mushroom soup.


About cassidyrizzo

First and above all else, I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. He is my Rock and my Salvation. He is the reason that I am the person I am today. All glory and honor and praise goes to Him, my Savior. Second, I am a writer. Most of my work is fiction. My stories revolve around overcoming hardships. Generally, I write for teens and young adults. Everything is child friendly, but it's not usually on a simple enough reading level for, say, a 9 year old. And, I am in love with all things musical. I don't play any instruments. I do play the radio and my CD's. I love me some Pandora. It's a beautiful technological masterpiece. Music is what is constantly going on in my life. Love music

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  1. That was a cute little story, Cassidy. Your stories all seem intresting. Good job. 🙂

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