Monthly Archives: December 2011

A New Story Idea/I Hate Cats

Hello! It’s been awhile, I know. I am grateful for your patience and awesomeness 🙂

Okay, so on Friday afternoon a wonderful paragraph popped into my head.

  I don’t know that any parent necessarily desires for their child to be a failure. I also don’t know that any parent is willing to take whatever measure necessary to make sure that their child is a success. But it can happen; I’m living proof.

Well, I think it’s wonderful anyway. It’s going to be about a guy named Peter Flint. He’s a rotten dude (my definition of a rotten dude: no good, disobedient, lazy, disrespectful) who’s life changes dramatically when a realization smacks him between the eyes.

Any thoughts? 🙂

I posted a “happy birthday” video to my brother’s Facebook profile a few days ago. In the video, I mentioned my disdain for feline creatures. I’ve always been rather terrified of them. A few hours later, I checked my Facebook. There were some comments on my status about the video (I don’t know why they didn’t just comment on the video) telling me that cats were awesome and they think I’m weird and wrong to not like cats. Seriously? I’m scared of them because something happened when I was little. There’s nothing wrong with that… is there?