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Hey everybody! Just wanted to say hi and I’m home now! We got here on Monday night. Since then, we’ve been busy with our regular activities for church, school, and home. And I’ve been designing and setting up a blog for our homeschool group! So exciting. Here’s the link if you wanna check it out:
I wrote a speech for a public speaking class today. It’s about why I’m pro-life. It’s not due until mid-May though, so… yeah. I’m kind of an over-achiever. Anyway, my brother David and I are going to an open mic night later tonight! I’ve never been to one before, so I’m excited. It’s at a small Christian cafe in a town about 10 miles away from where I live. Maybe someday I’ll actually muster up the courage to get on stage and sing something. It’s hard enough with a choir singing with you! But God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. For our LEAH homeschool group, we’re memorizing parts of Narnia. This week, I’m the White Witch. Fun stuff!
I think that “In His Hands” is coming along… nicely. Adding more about Scarlett’s past and “in between” stuff. I’m also giving the characters more depth to their personalities. I’m writing a really fun part right now! 🙂 Also I’ve been rereading “Rose Marie”. I want to try finishing that one soon and I need ideas for it.