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Hi! So, my brother Sam will be 1 year old on Thursday.


Like, seriously.

Anyway, in my absence, lots has happened. I wrote a book. I blogged about it a bit last year, I think. The one about a boy named Liam. It took me only about 3 months to write the first draft. Anyway, I’ve fallen in love with the story and the characters, but THE BOOK REALLY STINKS. Editing is the worst.

But I digress.

My mom and I started a blog a few months ago called Got Crackers. It’s fun.

Hope you have a happy June!

La La La La La



I am in an extremely annoying mood. Everything I think about annoys me to no end. So I can’t write right now. Everything I try to write, I end up erasing. And there are only five days left to meet my word count goal for the June Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m at 37,119 words with five days left. I’m freaking out a little…

I guess I’ll just go read something, or maybe take a walk, and hope inspiration finds me where I am.

Until then,


PS- My baby brother Samuel is healthy and super adorable!


Good news! Good news!

Yesterday at 1:47pm, my baby brother was born. He weighs (um, I’ll write exactly what the nurse said) seven six point five. I’m too tired to think about how that would be written. Haha… 😛 But my moms mom is here. Therefore, my older three brothers (out of four) and I are cleaning like crazy people. But that’s okay… we are lazy and need to do it. Anyway, enough about my current “situation” (I LOVE MY BABY BROTHER SO MUCH!), on to MORE important things (more as in there are other things to write to you about as well)…
I am participating in Camp. NaNoWriMo this month! I’m thinking about just having a 150,000 word goal for June, July, and August. Not sure yet, but it sounds like a manageable task 🙂 However, I plan on starting school within the next few weeks (days?) because I would like to graduate next year. I’ve said this for the past four or five years,  but this is my last opportunity to do it. And I really want to. So I’ll try my best. So it might mean not having a 150,000 word goal. But maybe not.
Okay, I’d better get back to cleaning before grandma catches me!


PS- My grandma isn’t that bad actually. She’s the coolest grandma in the history of forever. 🙂

Dress Like Your Character Week

I said I was going to post these pictures sometime this past weekend, but I didn’t… so here they are! They are in order from Monday through Sunday. Have a great day!
Stella is a punk. She’s a sweetheart, but she doesn’t know what’s what. She’s kinda dumb. But she’s not afraid to help and give hugs whenever necessary. She is a very loving person who enjoys taking care of her pets.

Rose Marie. Oh… Rose Marie. She is, in many ways, me. When she was sixteen, her best friend, Kaileigh Becca, died in a car accident caused by her drunken uncle, Chalister (yes, unusual name, I know). Rose is in the process of grieving when she meets Tim Barnes. They, of course, end up falling in love and getting married. This is the story I was talking about in my TCWT Blog Chain Post a few weeks ago.

Chelsea Alexander is the main character in the story “Chelsea”. She is seventeen years old. She is a writer, kind of shy, and a romantic. There’s not much else to say about her other than that she is the main caregiver of her brother, Johnston… who is ten. That’s all.

Hannah is the best friend of Chelsea Alexander, the MC of the newly published Chelsea. Hannah is a little too boy crazy for her own good. She’s very flirty and indecisive, naive and immature.


Emily May Jones is a 13 year old girl from England. She, along with her siblings, is forced to evacuate the country and flee to America to live with their aunt during a war. It was written in diary form. I started it when I was 11.



Alyssa is the pessimistic main character of a story called, as stated above, The Questionable Forever. She has cancer and, while at the hospital, meets a boy named Riley Gibson. They become best friends and help each other through some of life’s hardest trials.

Aaron is the best friend of Stone, the main character in one of my works in progress. He’s a teddy bear, but he looks pretty gruff. He plays football and chess. He is a bad kid… as in… yeah. He’s that kind of bad. He is 18 years old.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it.

Be back soon.


You Might Be A Homeschooler If…

I found this rather hilarious. I think all these people are educated at home (at least one of them is, anyway), but they do a good job at making me feel like a dweeb. Ha! Not everything is applicable to me (I had Wendy’s yesterday) but most are very accurate; I was not allowed to watch Power Rangers, nor movies with witches, etc…
I’ll post the DLYCW pictures soon. I’m such a stinking procrastinator. Grr. 😛

This is probably going to be ridiculously short, but oh well.

Hi! My mom’s baby shower is tomorrow. I am so stinking excited for it that it’s hard to express in the short time that I have to express it. However, I can inform you that I’m REALLY EXCITED. Slightly nervous too. People are going to come to my house… and relatives and friends that I haven’t seen for awhile will be here… (the shower is at my church and our house is right next to the church building) so I’m kind of sort of not looking forward to it. Just a little. I think that the little unexciting part is because my 9 year old cousin will be sleeping in my bedroom. So I have to clean it. It wasn’t that messy to begin with, but still. It has to be cleaned. Sorry if that bored you…
  Anyway, my mom and I are going to my friend Rachel’s birthday party. We were supposed to leave at 3 so we could go to the store and be to her house by 5, but it didn’t work out that way. We’ll leave in a little while.
  I finished (for the second third time) Scarlett Marie/In His Hands! But now I’ve changed the MC’s name to Chelsea and changed the title to Chelsea. Lots of change. I think the name Chelsea fits her better too. This is the first time I’ve changed the MC’s name after the book was finished. Huh. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a habit. Because that would stink.
  I’m kind of participating in DLYCW (Dress Like Your Character Week). I have a devastatingly lame wardrobe and my characters all dress differently than I do, so instead of actually wearing what they would wear (though I did dress like a camo-wearing punk on Tuesday), I’ve opted to use Polyvore (a website that is rather difficult to describe, but you can go check it out if you want). I’ll post pictures of what I made on Polyvore probably tomorrow or Sunday afternoon. Not sure yet. It’s been fun.
  I bid thee farewell and eagerly await the day– oh wait, nope. Nevermind. I do hope you fare well though.