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The One About CPs

CP… Critique Partner… the one who crushes your dreams as s/he makes you realize how far you are from success… the one who encourages you to be the best you can be as a writer and wants to help you get there. Whatever you want to call that person, ya gotta love ’em.
NATALIE TRUITT: you’re a magnificent critic! You’ve gracefully introduced me to the world of peer critiquing and for that I am thankful. Even though we’ve only known each other a short time, you’ve already earned a special place in my heart. Okay, this is sappier than intended. I should’ve had you critique it before I posted it! Nevertheless it’s true. Thanks for your critiquing skills. And I’m reeeeallllyyy looking forward to reading more of Chrissi’s story! 😀
John Hansen: thank you for making a CP Finder post. You are wonderful. 🙂
This is really short, but oh well… Happy Belated Flag Day.


The Questionable Forever

Alyssa Duke is a girl with terminal cancer. She’s a pessimist in the worst way. She met Riley at the hospital. Riley is an optimist. He encourages Alyssa to have hope. When Alyssa’s mother finds out about her daughter’s friendship with Riley, she becomes furious and forbids them to see each other. Once Charlie, Alyssa’s father, returns from the war, he allows Alyssa and Riley to be friends. Their friendship blossoms. Alyssa and Riley overcome some of life’s hardest troubles at such a young age, but they do it together. A twist at the end will leave readers in tears of joy.

Rose Marie

Rose Marie Mason is a teenage girl from Ohio going through some pretty tough stuff. Her best friend, Kaileigh Becca, just died. Rose goes through her days in a blur, but when she meets Tim Barnes… her life changes. Rose becomes a child of God. Her and Tim become best friends, and eventually even more than that. Rose’s life changes in the duration of this story.