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Good news! Good news!

Yesterday at 1:47pm, my baby brother was born. He weighs (um, I’ll write exactly what the nurse said) seven six point five. I’m too tired to think about how that would be written. Haha… 😛 But my moms mom is here. Therefore, my older three brothers (out of four) and I are cleaning like crazy people. But that’s okay… we are lazy and need to do it. Anyway, enough about my current “situation” (I LOVE MY BABY BROTHER SO MUCH!), on to MORE important things (more as in there are other things to write to you about as well)…
I am participating in Camp. NaNoWriMo this month! I’m thinking about just having a 150,000 word goal for June, July, and August. Not sure yet, but it sounds like a manageable task 🙂 However, I plan on starting school within the next few weeks (days?) because I would like to graduate next year. I’ve said this for the past four or five years,  but this is my last opportunity to do it. And I really want to. So I’ll try my best. So it might mean not having a 150,000 word goal. But maybe not.
Okay, I’d better get back to cleaning before grandma catches me!


PS- My grandma isn’t that bad actually. She’s the coolest grandma in the history of forever. 🙂